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State Inspections

How the state of New Jersey performs state motor vehicle Inspections

Bernie’s Westbrant Garage is a certified inspection and emission repair facility. We employ 5 certified inspectors and 2 emissions repair technicians.

New Jersey inspects vehicles for emissions only. The state no longer checks for any safety related issues. The sticker is issued for 2 years.

Here are some of the new rules:

1. 1996 passenger plated vehicles are tested through the on board system.

2. 1995 and down passenger plates vehicles are exempt from state inspection.

3. All commercial plated vehicles are tested for safety and emissions.

4. Passenger plates diesel powered vehicles (under 10,000 lbs) are exempt from inspection.

5. Commercial plated vehicles (under 10,000 lbs) are safety only.

 6. All passenger vehicles are exempt from safety inspection

For more information see: //www.state.nj.us/mvc/Inspections/index.htm.

What we are looking for when we test emissions

Three things are required by state law:

  • The check engine light must illuminate when the key is on with the engine off ( this may last only a few seconds).
  • The check engine light must be off when the engine is running.
  • The vehicle must pass the self-monitor tests.

The test is called an OBDII test. All 1996 and newer vehicles are equipped with an on board engine computer or PCM (powertrain control module). The PCM performs self-tests on the vehicle’s emission control & engine management systems during startup and vehicle operation. This testing can provide early warning for problems. This equipment is required by federal law. When a malfunction occurs it tells the PCM to turn on the alarm clock or check engine light.

What is a self-monitor or readiness test?

All 1996 and newer vehicles have the capability to check all on board systems that has an effect on emission controls. These tests are run in the background so you will have no indication they are running.

Your vehicle needs to run and complete its monitors or self-tests. The PCM will mark these completed after certain testing and operating conditions have been met. There are currently up to 11 readiness monitors on OBD II vehicles that can require driving the vehicle anywhere from 1 hour to 2 weeks in order for them to achieve completion status.

There are 3 main reasons the monitors have not run:

  • The battery was disconnected.
  • A scan tool was connected to the vehicle and codes were erased. When codes are erased all monitors revert to “not run“.
  • There is a present check engine light on or a code in its history.

What to do if you fail the emission test?

An emission failure can only be repaired by a state of New Jersey certified emission repair technician.

Bernie’s Westbrant Garage has 2 certified emissions repair Technicians.

We have all the correct tools, equipment and expertise to correctly and efficiently repair all emission related failures and re inspect your vehicle with a new sticker.

Re-inspection if repaired by someone else

NJ requires a State certified Emission repair technician to preform all work or repaired by vehicle owner and must produce invoices of parts replaced.

Fee.Schedule price as mandated by the State.

How much does it cost?

Our fees for state inspection:

1996 and newer------------------------- 45.00.

1995 and older---------------------------Not Required.

Commercial vehicles-------------------70.00.

Re–inspection repaired by us ------ No Charge.

Re-inspection if repaired by someone else-Fee.

Schedule as mandated by the State.

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